Good things don’t always have to come to an end! Whilst our activity as hosts at the Greillon Guest House will draw to a close on 22nd June 2014, we look forward to greeting our many valued guests and friends at a magnificent new property situated in the tranquil heart of the Beaujolais wine region. The special quality of the welcome you have come to expect at the Greillon will remain unchanged. We are simply leaving the ‘countryside in the city’ of Lyon for the idyllic surroundings of nearby Saint-Etienne la Varenne (69). Our new Guest House, Domaine de Combillaty, which will open from end March 2015, is a beautifully preserved example of a traditional domain house, enjoying unparalleled views over the gently rolling hills and valleys that produce the prestigious ‘Brouilly’ wines. Here our guests can combine total rest and relaxation with the finest French hospitality, not to mention the countless cultural and gastronomic delights that characterise this world famous region. More information on this exclusive destination will shortly be available on our new website at As at the Greillon, places are likely to be limited so do book early. We take this opportunity to convey our gratitude to all of you – from faithful guests, friends and family to the many talented artists and musicians – who have and been part of the Greillon ‘family’ over the years, and who have appreciated its calm and quietly elegant atmosphere. We thank you wholeheartedly for your valued support and look forward to welcoming you shortly to Combillaty, where the spirit of Greillon lives on! .