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A Day Trip To Cairo From Cyprus

When I was on holiday in Cyprus, I flew from Paphos to Cairo to visit Egypt for a day. It took only one hour to get there. The tour to Cairo Egypt was booked through a Paphos travel agent and cost PS200 Cyprus per person. Louis Travel is my preferred travel agency. It was a pleasant flight with good food and breakfast.

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There was so much to do that day. After arriving in Cairo, we were quickly transferred to a coach that took us to our first destination, the Citadel of Saladin. Next, we visited the Pyramids of Giza as well as the Mighty Sphinx. The coach guide shared lots of useful information with us, including the fact that you shouldn't carry your bags around when you walk.

You will be asked to purchase souvenirs and take as little as you can. We walked around the pyramids, paying PS1 Cyprus for entry to the pyramid. It was very narrow and cramped when we walked down the steps. It's dark inside, and the heat in August was unbearable. Don't go inside the pyramids if you aren't comfortable being enclosed. Once inside, there is only one tomb. It was just to experience what it would be like.

Next was the Cruise on the Nile. This included a folkloric presentation and belly dancing, cold sandwiches, coffee/tea, and a complimentary glass of champagne. The best part was when we could cruise down the Nile while eating and watching the entertainment. After our meal, we went on to the deck to take pictures of the Nile.

We returned to Cairo airport at the end and flew by air to Paphos. Our travel included snacks.