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A Guide To Plastic Cast Iron Effect Gutters

PVC Guttering has been a popular choice for builders, plumbers, and gutters for years. It is light, strong, and virtually maintenance-free. There are many sizes and shapes to fit almost any building. Cast iron gutters, in particular, are still very popular across the UK.

Cast Iron ogee guttering products are Victorian in their nature. Think ornamental gates, railings, or baths. The image you get is of traditional, elegant buildings and homes. Cast Iron gutters are popular among homeowners and builders who want to enhance the curb appeal of their homes.

The plastic guttering industry, conscious of the loss of business to traditional manufacturers, has come up with a smart alternative. Cast Iron effect gutters and soil pipes systems combine the look of traditional cast systems with modern PVC products. 

This allows for all of the benefits of plastic to be retained. It is light and easy to install, looks almost like metal, and even feels like it. Cast effect guttering is more expensive than regular, plain-colored gutters, but it's generally cheaper than cast iron. 

This is because the manufacturing process is two-stage and requires more time. The normal gutter products are removed from the production line and then put through a second step that gives the traditional metal a mottled, dimpled look.