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About us

Nestled in the Fourvière hill, the Guest House Greillon welcomes you in an authentic and refreshing place for your stay in the heart of Lyon. Dating back to the end of the 18th century, this family home was the home of sculptor Joseph Chinard, whose neoclassical works can be admired at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon (Bust of Juliette Récamier and Persée Delivering Andromède).

With a garden overlooking the Saône with a pond, the house enjoys an exceptional view of the river and the Croix-Rousse hill. The five rooms, decorated and furnished with refinement, are equipped with the comfort that befits a quality house. 

A lounge and a boudoir are available to guests. The breakfasts are taken together in a nice room with fireplace and French ceiling. As soon as the weather comes, they are served in the courtyard overlooking the terraced garden.

Perched on the Fourviere hillside, the Greillon guest house welcomes you to a haven of tranquility for your next visit to Lyon. This elegant family residence dates back to the late 18th Century and was once home to the sculptor, Chinard, whose works grace the city’s fine arts museum (Bust of Juliette Récamier and Perseus Freeing Andromeda). 

Set in a wide, peaceful garden – with a cool natural spring fountain as its centerpiece – the house offers a unique view over the river Saone and the famous ‘Croix-Rousse’ hill beyond. The five guest bedrooms, with balconies, are decorated and furnished with refinement. 

They feature all the comforts and attention to detail of the hospitality. The dining room is furnished in a charming dining room with an open fireplace and fine traditional ceiling. On bright Spring and Summer mornings, breakfast can also be enjoyed on the terrace overlooking the garden.