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All about Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Computer

The primary hardware features of the Amazon Kindle tablet include:

1. Its 1 GHz dual-core processors provide the ability to perform a variety of computing tasks at very fast speeds without the latency associated with the device that comes with a sub-gigahertz processor computing.

3. Its multi-touch screen makes for a comfortable (and one would say classy) user interface. You can start your own business TV channel where you can broadcast your promotional video content via Amazon Fire TV.

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4. The secondary storage 8GB has more than enough storage space for applications and user data. The 8 GB is shared out so that 3 GB can be used for storage of apps, even as 5 GB is availed for storage of data – anything from songs to movies and e-books.

5. Multi-device compatibility is made possible through a series of ports that allow connecting the Kindle Fire to the USB device, desktop computer, laptop, SD cards and so on.

Kindle Fire: The Software side: The key software features of the Amazon Kindle Fire include:

1. Android operating system platform that allows Amazon Kindle Fire users to install and run a variety of applications developed for use on the popular (and open source) Android platform.

2. The default email-syncing app allows Kindle Fire users to get all their emails from various Webmail systems (Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) in a single inbox.

3. E-book reading application allows people who want to use the Kindle Fire mainly as e-book reading devices to do so comfortably.