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All About Ancient Egyptian Art

Some of the most common element in the ancient Egyptian art is a depiction of gods and pharaohs. Egyptian craftsmen increased figure depictions size of their artwork based on how important and relevant the gods or kings are.

More important gods are shown larger than less important gods and goddesses, and art shows the pharaoh would describe them as larger than all the other elements in the piece. You can also pop over to to look for ancient art gallery.

Religion plays a significant role in the formation of ancient Egyptian art, which is why the usual deities represented in the arts. Pharaohs also considered god-like or divine so that they are common in ancient Egyptian art.

Different Art Time Periods

There is some concern about the relevant period of ancient Egyptian art. The protodynastic period began around 3300 BC.

The predynastic period of Egyptian art also includes the time before the first Egyptian dynasty and lasted until 2680 BC.

After this period of the Old Kingdom, this began in 2680 BC and lasted until 2258 BC. Art of the Middle Kingdom period date back to between 2134 BC and 1786 BC.

The artwork of each period is different from what is found in other periods. Some experts even are dating a work of art only to examine closely, and evaluate the style and characteristics used in the creation of ancient Egyptian art.