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Asphalt Maintenance: Features For Commercial Property

Asphalt maintenance is one aspect of property management that is regularly overlooked. If the property owner has a hole in the parking lot, it is not treated with the same urgency that they would need.

Unfortunately, this neglect of asphalt leads to more expensive repairs in the future that could have been avoided if the property owner would have followed the preventive maintenance plan for their asphalt.

Experts like Joe McManus Asphalt Services say that if you want your asphalt pavements to live longer, you need to do proper and regular maintenance.

What maintenance of asphalt? Maintenance consists of protecting asphalt bitumen using the following method (asphalt seal coating, crack repair and asphalt repair) to prevent damage to the existing asphalt.

From the first moment that the asphalt is installed start the breakdown process. asphalt reduced when the binder that holds all aggregate (rock) jointly began oxide from sunlight, water and other external conditions.

Through the seal coating process, asphalt binders are now protected from the external conditions. An additional benefit of a sealing layer of asphalt is asphalt can now be protected from the damaging effects of salt gasoline, oil and de-icing.

Asphalt seal coating is a process in which coal tar emulsion or bitumen emulsion is sprayed or brushed on the surface of the asphalt. Seal coat material should be applied in two coats in public areas and three coats in high traffic areas, such as drive lines.