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Bust Statue Of Abraham Lincoln

Bust sculpture touches us because it brings us face to face with people from the past and preserves the features, expression, clothes and jewelry of a time now gone. We can see the bust of Abraham Lincoln, the face of beauties from history, and the true likeness of heroes who have been immortalized in stone or metal. 

The bust statues are responsible for this and have even had an effect on our currency with heads on coins. Sculptures provide an ethnographic record of our history and never cease to engage us because of human interest.

Some of the oldest known bust sculptures are of Egyptians and they are found on tombs, but bronze sculptures have been found in the tombs of Chinese emperors, in Pompeii and around Mesopotamia.

Early sculptures were made from clay and stone, but the discovery of the ability to smelt metal led to bronze becoming a popular medium. The Industrial revolution enabled foundries to spring up all over the place and people desired to have their likeness cast in metal. 

Although the first bust sculptures were only accessible to the wealthy or famous, they are now more widely available. However, they are still a luxury item as they require the skills of trained artists.