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Cant Access Www Mywifiext Net What To Do?

If you cant access page, then you won’t be able to set up your extender properly. You must understand that the Netgear Extender setup is premised upon whether you are able to open that webpage and configure your extender on it or not. If you have connected your extender to the router using an Ethernet cable or WPS method, then it’s time that you connect the extender to your computer using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly (if your computer supports Wi-Fi Connectivity). As your computer detects your extender, you should open a web browser on the computer and enter my wifiext net webpage.

As the webpage opens, you will be asked to enter username and password. If you have those details, then that’s great, otherwise, take the help of experts to know those details. After entering the login details, you will see the web interface of your extender where you can change the passkey, change security settings, and do a lot more. Now, if you are not able to access that webpage, then make sure that the internet is working properly. Also, check if the web address entered by you is correct because incorrect web address can lead to such problems. If everything is right, yet you are facing the problem, then you should take the help of experts.