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Choosing A Reliable Colocation Facility

There are no industry rules to choose a good colocation, but essential areas can help recognize one: power, Internet connection, cooling, and service.

Good colocation abilities offer security through redundancy, maintenance, and service, which means greater availability for the network and the lifetime of the equipment. To get more details about the colocation facility you may see it here.

colocation facility

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Good collocation will have a power supply system with backup units not only for the generator but also the universal power supplies (UPS) and transfer switches or circuit breakers.


An overlooked consideration for the availability and maintenance of cooling equipment. All servers still generate heat that is designed to operate at room temperature, between 72 ° F and 76 ° F.

Units with air conditioning Computer rooms (CARC), chillers, and facility layout ensure that all servers receive adequate cooling.

Internet connection

There are two main types of internet connection.

1. Level 1 providers create national networks that are fast and reliable but tend to have high latency and poor out-performance networks.

2. Level 2 companies buy access from multiple level networks 1, so they have the speed and reliability combined with better latency and performance of a larger network.


A roommate offers quality installation of additional services, including the following:

1. Dedicated online customer service 24 hours and engineers on-site for emergencies.

2. Change backup tapes and store them in a fireproof safe.