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Choosing The Right Knife Sharpener

A variety of tools are available for maintaining and sharpening blades. We offer electric sharpeners, hand sharpeners, whetstones, and sharpening steels. The first three are used to re-sharpen the blade, while the steel for sharpening is mainly used to increase the sharpness of the blade. With our wide range of knife sharpeners, it can be difficult to find the right tool for your situation and experience level.

Sharpener Types:

Electric Sharpener:

Many electric sharpeners use a 2 or 3-step process to create, sharpen, and smooth the edges of the blade. The first step uses coarse sand to sharpen very dull knives and the last step uses fine sand to sharpen sharp knives. When turned on, the grinder rotates the whetstone, which sharpens the blade to the desired sharpness as the blade is pulled through the slot.

Most electric sharpeners have guides that allow the user to get the perfect angle, which has made it popular for making knife sharpening easier with precision. You can also buy an electric knife sharpener via

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Hand Sharpener:

Like electric sharpeners, hand-held knife sharpeners make the sharpening process easier, although they are usually limited by fewer slots for sharpening. One of the advantages of a hand sharpener is its portability. Its small size and manual operation make it ideal for professional chefs who travel a lot.

Depending on how the hand sharpener is made, pull the knife through the slot when the sharpener is placed on a flat surface, or pull the sharpener down along the blade when the knife is carefully placed on a table or table. Both types of hand sharpeners easily re-sharpen dull knives into perfect cuts.