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Commercial Roof Hatch installation: Things You Should Know About

When it comes to the design of a roof access hatch that provides smooth access to commercial roofs, you should explore key features before installation. The commercial roof hatch is one of many primary requirements for roofing projects.

However, the models of this equipment have similar designs. For making internal access to commercial roofs safe, you can rely on this solution. As far as the design of hatches is concerned, you may come across the following options.

  • Sliding access
  • Hinged access

The Potential Features to Choose in Access Hatches

There are robust access hatches available today for the workers operating in the construction industry. Here is a list of powerful features to explore in a roof access hatch for workers.

The mechanism of opening and closing the lid should be convenient.

Sliding hatches are more ergonomic and easier to use, so you can choose the one the sliding option, which is easier to use. Often coating of aluminum on steel lids outside strengthens the structure of the access hatch. The reason to choose sliding hatches is to avoid the lid from shutting down due to high winds.

Select from the customized designs for access hatches.

Incorporating hand grabs into the guard rails around the hatch makes it convenient to move between the hatch and the roof. It is essential to follow a proper plan and a suitable roof access hatch for workers to prevent the risk of falls when working on the roof.