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Content Marketing Services in Bristol – Role In a Marketing Campaign

As technology advances, online business has revolutionized in terms of marketing. Starting from email, today's good quality articles and blogs become an indispensable tool for the campaign of any marketing company. Currently, social networks have emerged as a major social platform.

A good word for any company is essential to boost its marketing campaign. There, content marketing services come into the picture. These have a great role to play in the accomplishment of any online business today. If your business is located in Bristol, you can hire these professional services from Impressona for the success of your marketing campaign.

Let's go through some interesting facts before we know its role in the marketing campaign.

Facts you want to know:

  • Companies with an active blog generate 67 per cent more leads per month
  • Nearly 87 per cent of B2B companies use social media platforms to distribute content
  • 78 per cent of CMOs think that the custom content is the future of marketing
  • An email with social sharing buttons increase click-through rates by 158%
  • No wonder that nearly 50 per cent of companies have their content marketing strategies to increase benefits.

SEO and social media marketing strategy require a creative and meaningful content to ensure the success of the marketing campaign. This is especially true and necessary for SMEs than the biggies. 

Can it make a difference?

Netizens like to read creative and interesting content. Content marketing services include the creation of useful and interesting content, which helps companies get more leads from other companies that do not have such a marketing strategy. A blog, FAQ, infographics, etc. maintain user interest in a particular site. Once users like to stay long on certain websites, they ultimately become customers of the company.