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Custom Business Cards – A Guide to the Different Types

Custom business cards have gained popularity in recent years, owing to the ease with which new styles, patterns, and techniques can be promoted to make card designs more personal and memorable. The ability of design and business card printing companies to share their design and printing abilities with a wider market has resulted in a rise in the quantity and variety of designs.

Personalized Design

The simplest approach to catch a potential customer's eye with a business card is to make sure it has a pleasing design and displays contact information. A simple design can attract customers who are only interested in the service you provide and are unconcerned about how the card is designed. As long as the contact's name and phone number are visible, whereas a well-metal business card with a unique design style for your business can attract these same customers as well as those who are influenced by the eye-catching design. If you want to buy custom shaped metal business cards for your business then you can browse the web.

Single-sided or Double-sided

Whether or not you decide to invest that little extra and go for a double-sided card when considering business car printing can make a big difference in the number of inquiries you receive. This is mainly because the effect of double-sided cards is somehow left on the customer's desk or when they are pasted into the customer's hand and they turn it over.

Custom size

There are more extreme designs and finishes for those who want to stand out from the crowd such as a collection of 4 company cards for 4 members of the management team that when placed face down from a picture or logo. Other attractive business card designs available are known as die-cut cards which are custom-shaped business cards that have 1 curved corner and 3 normal square corners or a card that has a hole cut out to make the logo stand out. Other custom finishes include indented, embossed, or designs that use a 5th color such as reflective metallic ink or fluorescent ink to make the eye-catcher.