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Different Types Of A Tyre Breakdown

With many vehicle owners, there is a problem that they are not sure how to get the best performance from their tires and it is important to know how the different types of work required to find one that will best suit the driver’s needs.

With the different factors such as where you live, the weather, driving style and how you use your car, among others help in choosing tyres and make the right move for tires which is an important decision and it is good to know all the facts before making a decision.

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To begin with, it is worth talking about standard tire types that are most commonly used, all-round, or all-season tires. These tires get the nod in many cases because of their flexibility, offering a mix of grip, wet-weather safety, and performance longevity.

The use of hard rubber compound allows for tire last longer than other types of tires even though does not mean that the grip is slightly reduced.

Performance tires are an option for those who want to get the best possible grip while driving. But they sacrifice some of their longevity to provide better performance because they use a soft rubber compound.

As the tread is made to give the best possible grip is not as good at clearing the water away on wet roads, but cornering and control feel better in the dry.

If you drive a large vehicle such as a truck then you will probably have all-terrain tires fitted. This is a larger than average tires and has a larger footprint with stiff sidewalls. They are made from rubber compounds and are able to handle both the middle of the road on the sand or dirt. But they sacrifice a little grip when on the road.