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Do You Really Need A Living Trust Attorney?

As long as your living trust includes these fundamental components, you can create your own living trust. Some choose to hire a living trust lawyer to prepare their own estate planning papers, but this isn't necessarily essential.

A lot of people succeed in building a living trust by themselves without using a living trust lawyer. But trust me, it is always beneficial to hire help when you are just a beginner. You may hire #1 living trust attorney in Orange County, CA via Source Law Firm.

If you're thinking about creating your own living trust, then make sure you sign the trust record you made before a notary public and look up the legislation in your state concerning if further witnesses are needed.

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Then you'll have to finance the trust by transferring your assets to the trust. Some states require property deed transfer records to be ready by an attorney so make sure you consult the regional property records office with this too.

Advantages Of Choosing An Estate Planning Lawyer

People with complicated estate planning demands must consider hiring a lawyer to prepare their living trust. You might think about choosing a living trust attorney if you have an intricate estate plan. By way of example if your strategy includes:

  • Generation-skipping
  • Conditions
  • Beneficiaries with special needs or getting government help,
  • High dollar life insurance policies, and
  • Help with hope financing (that is the shifting of your assets into the trust)