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Everything Regarding CBD Salve

What is the CBD Salve

By definition, it is the "ointment used to promote healing or protection of the skin." There is really no difference between an ointment, balm or lotion.

An salve is basically a blend of plant-infused which is applied directly to the skin, where it is then absorbed. In CBD salves, CBD is infused. You can shop cbd from many online sources.


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Salve is the same as the CBD ointment , creams and CBD lotions ? Not exactly. While they all applied and absorbed through the skin, there is little difference between them. Each is described in more detail a little here:

Salve: Ointment is a combination of oil (usually oil or olive oil) and beeswax.

Lotion: Lotion is a combination of oil and water mixed with an emulsifier (usually emulsifiers wax or beeswax). Lotion contains a higher ratio of water to oil (70:20).

Cream: Cream is also created using the concentration of water and oil together with an emulsifying agent. Cream is thicker than lotions reason behind this is they contain more oil.

The only real difference between the CBD ointments, lotions and creams is the amount of water used to make them.

How Are CBD Salves Made?

Salve is actually one of the most topical and simple to make. Its base is wax (usually bees) with a carrier oil (usually oil or olive). It is then impregnated with a variety of other compounds, herbs dry sometimes, but not always. Essential oils are typically added to the wax and oil operators to improve health benefits.