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Everything You Need To Know About Sports Massage

A lot of people and that includes athletes, not fully aware of the intricate details of a sports massage.

Another form of massage targets a return to the normal muscle that has been used for a long period of time, while the sports massage varies because there is no "normal" and athletes often want their muscles to give them more of a competitive edge.

Massage therapist

When an athlete visits a sports massage therapist for the reason that they want to be better than just normal.

Other athletes when they compete their training intensified and their bodies suffer as a result because it is more energy and often has a knock-on effect of causing problems with the soft tissues, which if ignored can cause symptoms to become chronic. If you are looking for sports massage physio in Chatswood then you are in the right place.

This then has the potential to compromise the performance of the athletes and the success and that is why a number of top athletes using one as a way to keep their bodies in peak physical fitness.

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Details Sports Massage

So what exactly happens when you undergo sports massage? Well, there are three main areas and the thesis is the technique, time and intent.

Massage time associated with the event, which will be either before the event or afterward, and sometimes they can take a break in the event of athletes who take part in it.

This technique refers to the method used by the person giving the massage in their efforts to achieve the desired results from their massage.

Pre-event Versus Post-event

The main reason why an athlete would undergo a pre-event sports massage is to allow the blood vessels and arteries to open them and therefore to allow blood to flow more quickly, and massage techniques used will include the compression and expansion strokes muscles.

When an athlete is experiencing post-event massage then they hope to speed up the recovery process by increasing lymphatic and venous circulation which will go some way to remove by-products such as lactic acid.