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Fire Extinguisher Class – An Explanation of Extinguisher Classes

Fire extinguishers are commonly used safety devices found in many homes, workplaces, laboratories, and hospitals. There are different types of fires so it seems reasonable that this fire will have a different fire extinguishers specifically designed to handle the specific combustion. You can find the right fire extinguisher for your specific use with the understanding firefighter class. You can have a peek at this site if you are looking for home fire extinguisher 

There are four more basic firefighter classe, divided into A, B, C, and D. They are all qualified with the type of fuel that can be extinguished with them. You can find the right one for you to read the description below.

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It can extinguish basic materials such as wood, paper, cardboard, and even some plastics. Using a Class A fire extinguisher may not be so great in the kitchen, where you may need to extinguish burning fat. It is also suitable as a small camp fire extinguisher. Extinguishers is further divided in this class with the numbers that appear next to the letters. These numbers represent how many fires can be extinguished with that particular device.

Class B extinguishers great for use with flammable liquids or combustible such as oil and gasoline. If you are in a garage workshop or car, fire class B may be a great choice for you. The numerical values that divide the different extinguishers in this class is proportional to the number of square feet that can be extinguished by the tool.

Class C extinguishers are unique because they are designed to handle fires involving electrical equipment, wiring, disconnects, or circuit. Using water on this fire only greatly increase the risk of electric shock.

All employees should be trained in this area. Class C extinguishers do not conduct electricity and also does not have a numerical rating system, as mentioned above grade did.

Class D extinguishers are also categories tools that do not contain numerical ordering system. They are specifically based chemical to extinguish the fire. Flammable chemicals are dangerous and must be issued if scorched by fire Class D. Many laboratories and science centers are ready to fight this particular accident with a Class D extinguishers