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Foot Treatment by Podiatrists

A podiatrist is a medical specialist who is qualified to diagnose and treat the problems of the lower leg, ankle, and foot. Podiatrists have good orthopedic and primary care knowledge. Podiatrist doctors offer great help if you experience ankle and foot problems.

You may get in touch with the foot care center like Grand Central Podiatry and get the best treatment. If you are in the Grand Central Podiatry, you will definitely be in the hands of experts. 

Also, the doctors here are highly trusted and competent to provide you with a variety of conservative management options as well as the latest foot and ankle reconstruction surgery methods.

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What are the conditions of the feet that need podiatric help?

Toenail problems

a) Ingrown toenails – occur because trimming your nails is too short. The corners of the nail grow under the surface of the skin and the nails become swollen and soft. This can also be caused by shoe pressure or injury.

b) Mushroom toenails – Infection under the surface of the nail that shows thickening and loosening of the nail with some discoloration.

c) Black toenails – Nails become bruised because of nails that hit the tip or the top of tight shoes.


Enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe tends to push the finger out of place. This causes constant irritation and pain that is removed with pads and exercise.

Cracked heels

Or, the wheel gap is painful and sometimes bleeding. Deep moisturizers and the right footwear allow the feet to recover.


Inappropriate footwear and individual bone structure put pressure on and form benign and enlarged growth. Rubbing tissue causes irritation, numbness, and tingling in the nerves which in turn manifests as a burning sensation.