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Get Some Information On Good Quality White Tea

White tea is the latest trend among tea drinkers. White tea isn't a new trend. White tea has been consumed by the Chinese since the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.). White tea gained popularity in China during the Song Dynasty when Hui Zhong declared it the most elegant type of tea.

White tea is still rarer than green and black teas, so it is less popular. It's also one of the most expensive teas because of its rarity. White tea requires special care and special harvesting methods. If you want to buy organic white tea, then you can check out the web.

Organic white tea

Two important factors make white tea different from green and black teas: the maturity of the tea leaves at harvest and the tea processing. Quality white tea is made by the ability of white tea to be harvested at the correct time and processed correctly. 

White tea is usually harvested before the leaves open fully, which is why it is more popular than other teas. The tea buds are still covered in fine white hair at this stage of the growth process. This is why white tea is called "white tea". 

Only the unopened, undamaged buds and sometimes the first two leaves are suitable for making the best tea. When the buds are being picked, it is crucial that they remain intact.

You should choose wisely to ensure you get the highest quality white tea.