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How Is Tire Rotation Performed?

There are several maintenance tasks that your automaker must perform throughout the life of your car. This way your car will last longer, require fewer repairs, and be safer. This article explains how to rotate your tires yourself. You save money by not taking it to your garage.

The type of tire spin discussed in this article is the modified X. For the modified X, take the two tires on the drive axle, cross them, and place them on the other axle. Move the tire on the non-drive axle forward. You can also reach out to a shop for tire rotation near me to make the alignment of the tires correctly.

If you have tires that need to be aligned in some way, such as rain tires, the modified X won't work. For rear-wheel drive vehicles, cross the rear wheels when inserting them into the front wheels and turn the front wheels straight back.

Take the jack, wrench and spare wheel. Loosen the nut on the driver's front wheel. Lift the car with a jack and remove the tire by replacing it with a spare tire. Tighten the ear nuts first to make sure you don't cross them, push them up, but they don't need to be fully tightened unless you move your car.

Replace the newly removed tires with rear passenger tires. In the same way, loosen the nut, lift the car, remove the tire, change the tire, tighten the nut with your finger, lower the car and finish tightening the nut. Take the rear passenger tire and place it on top of the passenger tire.

Now replace the passenger tire and place it on top of the driver's rear tire. Finally, take the driver's rear wheel and place it where the spare wheel is (in front of the driver). Great, now is a good time to see if you need to add air to your tires.