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How to Pick Out The Right Dining Chairs For Your Home?

When setting up a new home, going furniture shopping is arguably one of the most exciting yet stressful parts. Will this bed frame fit in my room? Would these bar stools suit the decor of my kitchen? What about this sofa? What about that one? The sheer amount of choices, different price points, materials and considerations are enough to do anyone's head in!

But when it comes to selecting dining chairs with arms for your house, here's a simple guide to help make it easier. Following are the top tips to picking out the right dining chair for your space:

  • Measurements are key

Bring out the painters' tape and mark on the floor where every piece of furniture should go and how much space they should ideally occupy. Leave space around the dining table for the chairs, and then leave space behind the chairs for them to be pulled out comfortably and for people to be able to walk around comfortably even while guests are sitting on the chairs. Leave enough space between two chairs for two people to not bump elbows when eating.

dining chairs with arms

  • Think about how many chairs you need

Not all tables are made to accommodate a six seater setting. Similarly, some tables are built for large gatherings and having too few chairs around it will make the entire room look unbalanced. Once you have taken your measurements, you will undoubtedly have a clearer idea of how big a table you can get and how many dining chairs you may need. But remember to strike the perfect balance between too little and too many.

The key to mastering the mix and match trend is to keep one single theme and variegate the rest. For example, choose a single color and get different chairs in that color, or pick a shape and vary the colors, or even alternative just the end chairs. There's no end to the possibilities!