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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Stroke Patients

The very first hyperbaric chambers were used by navies and diving organizations, so that individuals may get accustomed to living on less oxygen and also have a system of treatment that would work if anything went wrong.

Today, there are many people besides those who have experienced a stroke that also uses hyperbaric chambers. Patients with autism and cerebral palsy, diabetics, as well as athletes are seeing positive outcomes from hyperbaric chambers. There are many companies like hyper heal which provide the best hyperbaric chamber therapy.

hyperbaric chamber for wound healing

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Hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) functions by pressurizing the chamber with pure oxygen, a lot more focused compared to approximately 20 percent that we breathe in normally pressurized conditions.

The oxygen source in red blood cells and plasma is replenished, maximizing the amount of oxygen that these can take to muscles and tissue.

Oxygen will heal injured tissue and organs within the body, restoring internal wellbeing. It also leads to better brain function by reducing swelling in the mind and removing excess fluids, making hyperbaric chambers ideal for stroke patients.

Treatments in hyperbaric chambers may reinstate healthful levels of oxygen in the blood, which may help stroke victims recover and, even if a patient is susceptible to stroke, prevent it.

At a hyperbaric chamber, this air becomes converted into oxygen and dispersed throughout the blood, making air embolism not as likely. HBOT is an excellent alternative for you or your family one who has experienced a stroke.