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Laser Treatment Technique For Acne

Laser treatment for acne is undeniably a promising technique for the treatment or removal of acne in young people and adults alike. It has been proven to be highly effective. With this type of acne treatment, a person can enjoy large reductions of blemishes on his or her skin. 

It is said that acne treatment using laser can reduce around 37% of acne skin blemishes for a single application only. For three recurring applications, it is reported that at least 85% of acne zits can be removed.

Two versions of laser acne treatments are available for people who suffer from this condition. One version is a pulsed laser dye and the other is called an infrared acne laser or laser acne diode.

Laser pulsating dyes are often used in people with less severe acne while laser diode treatment is used in people who suffer from more severe acne infestations. Of the two types, laser diode procedures are a more reliable process, have a success rate of 83%.

Usually, a dermatologist who is present will decide what type of laser skin care is best suitable for certain individuals. Patients cannot only require certain types of care to do. The doctor may have to check the patient's skin first before deciding which skin care is best to do. 

Everyone has different skin types and types of treatments that are applied can also depend on individual skin types and at the severity of the acne suffered by individuals.