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Points to Remember When Selecting a Chicken House

These are the most important points to remember when you house your chickens at your home. Your hens will be safe and happy, for this, you have to buy the best quality chicken coop in Ireland.

The Best Chicken Houses and Coops - Complete Guide - ChickenGuard

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1. The pen's size is crucial. The best conditions for hens are those that aren't cramped. Space is essential if you want your chickens to produce many eggs.

2. Next, allow for approximately fifteen square feet per bird in the run area. If hens are allowed to roam free for several hours each week, this can make the space smaller.

3. You should also consider your height. Although hens cannot fly, they love to jump and flap. They require at least three feet of height. It is better to have more.

4. Weatherproofing: Chickens love to be outdoors and are often outside in severe weather. Weatherproofing will be incorporated into your chicken pen to allow birds to stay indoors. The roof of your nesting area will need to be waterproofed.

5. You should have doors or pop holes at the entrances that can be shut off during harsh weather or night time. You will need to cover the run with heavy-duty polythene sheets, as hens will often go outside in heavy rains. This is particularly important for ex-battery chickens.

6. Protecting chickens from predators: All plans to keep fowl and hens must take into account the dangers of predators. Many hen-keepers have lost their birds to urban foxes, which has led to them being devastated. Nowadays, the pen should be animal-proof. Pen defense systems are vulnerable to predators.