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Requirements for Completing the Biblical Course In Ohio

To complete the course in biblical studies, you will need to take and pass the following courses: 

1. Introduction to Biblical Studies (Bible 101 or equivalent)

2. Hebrew Bible or Ancient Near East (Hebrew 101 or equivalent)

3. New Testament (New Testament 101 or equivalent)

4. Introduction to Theology (Christian Formation I or equivalent)

5. World Religions (WRT 101 or equivalent).

Courses Offered by the Institution

The University of Dallas offers a number of courses in biblical studies, including Introduction to the Old Testament, Introduction to the New Testament, and Biblical Theology. You can get more info. about biblical studies in Ohio at

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Free Resources available online

In addition to the texts and lectures found in our online course, there are a number of free resources that can be useful for studying the Bible. Here are a few: 

-Bible Gateway offers a variety of helpful tools, including a search engine that allows users to find passages and translations by topic or language, as well as a study tools section that includes flashcards and quizzes.

-Bible Gateway also has an app available for both Android and iOS devices that includes features like scripture reading, topical discussions, interactive maps, and more.

-The Bible Project offers an online tool that allows users to track their reading progress, review key concepts, and make notes. This is especially helpful for students who want to revisit certain sections of the Bible or work through it systematically.

-For more in-depth study of scripture, The Bible Knowledge Commentary Touchstone Edition is a great resource. It includes detailed introductions to each book of the Bible as well as explanatory comments and cross-references.