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Sleep Dentistry – Maybe You Don’t Really Need It

If you feel very happy when you hear the two words 'sleep dentistry,' then think twice before you go for your next dental appointment. Nowadays, most dentists provide this service, which is actually meant for people who are really afraid of dental procedures. You can also find the best sleep dentistry via

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For many, it is like a dream come true. However, some controversies emerged regarding these services recently. So, it is important that you should know more about sedation dentistry before deciding to do it.

Sedation Dentistry and What It Is

In sedation dentistry, you will be given sedatives and put to sleep before your dentist does a dental procedure on you. People with dental anxiety prefer this method, as they will not remember anything about the procedure. Some will need it for every treatment, while some want it only for long treatment sessions.

Usually, dentists choose from 3 types of sedation techniques. Inhalation sedation involves the use of laughing gas or nitrous oxide. In oral sedation, anti anxiety pills are given, whereas in intravenous sedation, sedation drugs are injected into the bloodstream.

How It Will Benefit You

Sleep dentistry is the best choice if you do not want to know how the procedure is done. It is also recommended if the procedure is very painful and invasive. Some dentists give their patients nitrous oxide to help them to relax. You can also use it if you are really afraid of extractions and needles. Sedation is the last resort if all the psychological techniques fail. Patients with mental health problems are also given sedation before dental procedures.