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Starting School in Amsterdam

Autumn is the season of joy, sun, and fruits, but also a highly celebrated time when children all around the world start school.

In Amsterdam, the first day of school is as cherished as in the rest of the world.

Both children and parents are preparing themselves for the first day of school: uniforms, school books, pens and notebooks, everything has to be carefully chosen and purchased so that children do not experience any difficulties during their school start.

However, the most important thing is the choice of a perfectly suitable educational institution for every child. If you are looking for the best middle school in Amsterdam for your kids then you can hop over to this website.

The official language in most Amsterdam schools is English. However, as the government recognizes four official languages in the country (English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil), it depends on the school to which further languages are to be applied.

The average performance of Amsterdam schools is higher than in the majority of countries. It is interesting to know that the State of Amsterdam has set very high standards on regional and national education.

It has a very strong educational system that produces well-prepared and highly competent students who are able to achieve top rankings at international study contests.

Amsterdam education is considered extremely powerful, especially when it comes to achieving skills in natural sciences and mathematics. Therefore, it is no surprise that the students from Amsterdam regularly achieve the highest grades in international study contests such as TIMSS.

In Amsterdam, there is a wide choice for expatriates and people from all around the world, who together with their communities had set a natural requirement of various international schools.