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What Is Interior And Exterior Architectural Rendering?

Rendering is the technique of producing photorealistic effects on models generated by architects, engineers and technicians. Real effects are produced by creating materials and objects that find their place inside and outside. However, the most important of the process are lighting effects, shadow effects, texture and color.

Interior Architectural Rendering

When performing interior rendering, the primary purpose of the renderer is to display the model as original or natural. It shouldn't look like something created by a renderer. For example, when rendering a living room, a renderer should import the architectural model of the building into 3dx Max and then initiate the process. You can know more about interior rendering through

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Now it is very difficult for a renderer to produce it with such effects to make it look like an original image taken in an existing living room. For example, you need to produce color for the walls as well as an appropriate paint for doors and windows. Then, based on that, a render should create the furniture which could include a set of sofas with a coffee table and corner stools.

A renderer must take into account providing the most appropriate color to the furniture. He also needs to think about decorating the walls by creating some type of paint for it. A renderer can create a showcase in the living room and can also decorate it with the display pieces etc.

Exterior Architectural Rendering

There is virtually no difference between interior and exterior rendering other than the variation in the material that is created. Natural elements such as the sky, vegetation in the garden, can be bodies of water such as swimming pools and fountains, etc. they also give more emphasis on the exterior siding.