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First FDA Approved Drug For Hair Growth

Minoxidil is the first and only FDA-approved prescription drug used to treat androgenic alopecia, or baldness, in men. This is a hypertensive product with validating properties that supplies the hair follicles with nutrients, blood and oxygen.

This will separate the follicles and replace them with new hair growth. Treatments are available in 5% and 2% solutions. Concentrated 5% solution is believed to be more effective.

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Recently, there is also a type of minoxidil in a foam based formula with a 5% efficiency of the liquid type. As a channel opening, potassium causes hyperpolarization of the cell membrane. With so many positive clinical studies on hair growth stimulation in patients after about 4 months of daily use, Minoxidil has continued to be popular for many years.

However, if you use the product regularly, the side effects will go away. With FDA approval, you can stay a little comfortable and at ease.

You can buy a variety of over the counter brands of 5% minoxidil solution that have the same active ingredient or concentration. Minoxidil is an inactive drug. When you apply the solution to the scalp, a catalyst called sulfonyl transferase converts it into an active product called "minoxidyl sulfite."

Regular daily use for several months is required for greater effectiveness. Some baby hair may appear during the first month. If you stop treatment, the hair follicles can die again and you can lose these new hairs.