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Great Boxing Routine Workout For You

Boxing is an excellent workout that will help you lose calories and build muscles at the same time. 

You will also get speed and endurance when you add a boxing routine to your workout schedule. You can also buy the best everlast boxing gloves via (which is also called ‘ Die besten Boxhandschuhe fr Immer ber ’ in German).

Follow the boxing routine training below and you will not be disappointed with your results.

Before starting training, there is critical equipment you need to have for your gym. First, you will need a punching bag, any size will do. If you are a beginner, a lighter punch bag is recommended. 

Then you will need a type of gloves. Gloves must not be boxing gloves, but rather a bag gloves that are lighter and thinner. 

It is also recommended to skip your wrist, your fingers, and your joints. This will help prevent scratches that you may encounter during your workout.

So now, let's go to training. First, stretch your whole body thoroughly. Once you want to start, start with light punches. These light punches you land on the bag should last for 5 minutes. Then start throwing punches more difficult for 5 minutes. 

After landing 10 minutes of punches, start. Jab for 10 minutes. Then mix your blows and punches. 

Go any speed for 1 minute, then rest for 1 minute and do this for 20 minutes. After mixed punches, give yourself a 5-minute break, but also try keeping your feet moving by jogging in place.