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Password Management and Keeping Login Details Secure

Many people use passwords that are very weak for most of what they consider non-critical log is under the impression that all they have to lose is that other people will have free access to their paid membership site.

All of them will lose the login name and password for that site and all the hackers will get is a free newsletter! You can get more information on a secured password manager from LogMeOnce.

Hackers can get a lot of information about you from figuring out your password and login details, and then use this information to log on to certain sites to which they relate. Once there use your name they can access your personal information.

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You usually have to provide details such as phone number, address, full name and other details that other people can use to manage your bank account or credit card in your name.

Do not think that the fact that the new credit card should be posted to the address you stop them. What if the person doing the work for the postal company or even gives your post? Stranger things have happened.

What if there is a common post box and that someone used it has set or even stolen the details of your own? They can also arrange to have a credit card with your name sent to their workplace. All they do is look for your name in the mail. Companies registered or special delivery letter signed by anyone present at the time.