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Backup and Recovery Data

Backup and recovery are a procedure of saving and making copies of data that can be used to secure data from losing, also called an operational recovery. Revival from a backup in general includes restores the information to the primary address or to the substitute position where it can be utilized instead of unrecalled or deteriorate data.

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Backup and Recover

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Reasons for losing the data:

ACID Property Disturbance:

ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability. If in any case this trait gets disturbed it will lose a complete database system.

Break down of system:

The system crash when the operating system suddenly stops working and halt. Sometimes information from memory also lost because of the smash into hardware.

Operation Stoppage:

Due to the logical errors in a program transaction may stop. The failures come because of the availability of deadlock into the system.

Malfunction in media:

Natural disasters are the main reason to break down the means of communication and it takes more time to get recovered than the other system or modes.

Network Failure:

It happens because of the improper configuration between clients and server, that is the main source of connection amongst them.

Failure of disks:

 The issues with hard disk and like the creation of inadequate parts, disk head collapse, and unavailability of the disk.