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How Should Electronic Invoice Be Used Correctly?

Technology is evolving at an incredible pace. This leads to companies, entrepreneurs and citizens to confront the technological gap are important when having to manage their documents, or when communicating with the General Administration.

One type of document that has undergone the most important transformation is the invoice. However, a general term such as electronic invoicing (e-invoicing), digital invoice, or invoices telematics still being confused. These three concepts can be used as synonyms, but the laws of each country determine the exact meaning and limits. If you want to know about digital signature then check esigngenie.

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What is e-invoicing?

Electronic invoicing, the so-called 'e-invoice', is a digital document that replaces the original. This is a digital representation of a paper format, which is electronically generated and maintained, and replaces physical documents while maintaining its legal value.

Electronic files, with all invoice data, modified with mathematical formulas and a chain of characters called electronic signature. With this new feature, e-invoicing and the fiscal gain full legal validity and do not need to print documents that can be sent to the recipient.

Eliminate mold

Electronic invoicing removes the company from having to print an invoice to send them to their recipients. As a result, the costs associated with the generation and management of printed documents is drastically reduced.

Also, control and process quality, billing and collection organizations are greatly enhanced and simplified.