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Camera Settings for your Drone

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When you fly a drone, you may want to capture awesome cinematic footage and pictures. With the help of the right settings, you are bound to get awesome results. However, many amateurs make the mistake of not changing the camera settings even though you are present in an awesome location. Here are the camera settings for your drone.

  1. Change the Picture Profile – For getting the best contrast and color information, you need to change the picture profile from your drone’s camera settings. A flat picture profile is considered the best since it gives you to make changes in an uncontrolled manner.
  2. Change the White Balance – Based on the location you head out for the shoot, make sure to change the white balance settings. Keep the white balance to sunny or cloudy depending on the day or evening. Do not use the white balance to “Auto” due to the difficulty of making changes to the footage.
  3. Change the ISO – Depending on the lighting conditions of the location, change the ISO. This feature helps in darkening or brightening the image. One great tip is to keep the ISO as low as possible and only focus on changing the shutter speed which is exposure.
  4. Change the Shutter Speed – Shutter speed is different compared to the frame rate. Shutter speed is about capturing the frame rate. Frame rate is about how smooth or jittery you want your footage at the time of editing the footage.

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