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Five Unique Tea Party Ideas

The phrase tea party conjures up images of beautiful, feminine women wearing lace and wide-brimmed hats with flowing veils and feathers.

Tea parties are becoming more casual and informal. You have many options to host a tea party that is casual and non-threatening. You can also look for the best arrangement of tea parties via

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1. Host a potluck tea. Each guest is required to bring a specific food item. One or two guests might be asked to bring scones. It is always good to have several scones available. One, two, or three guests could bring their own tea sandwiches. 

2. Tea parties with a theme can be very entertaining. You could choose a Hawaiian, Western, or Roaring 20's theme. You could ask guests to wear the appropriate attire. You should also follow the theme for your menu and decorations at the tables. 

3. You can add to the novelty by choosing the location for the tea party. What about meeting in a beautiful park? You could allow guests to bring their own folding TV table. You could have a picnic or a potluck picnic prepared by the hostess.

4. Another way to make your party unique is by having a "hatbox" tea party. Each guest brings a complete lunch and a hatbox. Each guest is given a number and then each guest chooses the number to win her tea lunch. She also gets to keep her hatbox.

5. The fun and unique way to entertain is with mystery tea parties. All the suspects are played by the interactive role-playing guests until the end when the true culprit is revealed.