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What Are The Different Types of Mastitis In Cows?

Mastitis in cattle is strongly influenced by their hygiene conditions on the farm. It is the inflammation of cow's milk glands and udder tissue. Mastitis In Cows  is a major endemic disease in cattle but can affect other breastfeeding mammals as well.

In this article, we will discuss various types of mastitis, which is found in cattle in great detail.

mastitis in cows

  • Severe clinical mastitis

This is characterized by very sick cows that can die if not treated. The threshold becomes gangrene but the milk looks normal even though the cow is sick.

  • Acute clinical mastitis

In this case, the cow may not get sick but the udder looks swollen, sore and hot. Cows provide abnormal milk with clots and blood.

  • Chronic mastitis

The cow looks fine but you might find a lump in the udder tissue. You will also observe changes in breast milk. Because chronic mastitis in cattle, the milk you supply is always rejected in dairy products even though you feed your cow well and treats them from all diseases.

  • Subclinical mastitis

In subclinical mastitis, your cow looks fine and the udder is good but the chemical analysis of milk will show significant changes in the composition of milk.

Clinical mastitis

The cow looks indifferent and udder does not show observable changes but you will notice abnormalities in breast milk.

These are the main warning signal of mastitis in cattle. If you observe one of them, it's important to treat your cow with the best care and keep them healthy. You also have to find ways to prevent the spread of this disease on the farm. Having direct knowledge of physiology and mammary anatomy helps you to control and spread mastitis