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Mindfulness – An Essential Meditation Lesson

The kind of attention we need is that not only recognizes what we think and feel – what we do on the inside – but also shows us the relationship between those internal actions and those external results.

Skeptics who reject New Age principles on the grounds that they are nothing more than superstition or magical thinking have no idea how much they will hurt themselves if they ignore the process.

Unfortunately, the results of an inner creative process whereby thoughts and emotions are transformed into a concrete outer reality are much easier to discern when personal calamities arise.

Mindfulness training helps people to know themselves, So you can get that training through by joining Awakened Mind.

In fact, mostly through analysis of bad experiences I realized how I had created my own reality.

Partly for reasons of evolutionary biology, negative emotions are much stronger and more persistent than positive emotions. Rick Hanson called this "addiction to negativism."

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We all have dark pools we like to hang out with, and the more time we spend in them, the more damage we'll do to ourselves and possibly others.

When something bad happens, it's common to think about it for a long time and think it over in our minds.

The emotions generated by these vivid, highly charged memories can be powerful – enough, in fact, to spark creative forces that give us more experiences of the same quality.

So we adjusted to the snowball's negative effects, with the addition of bad experiences that reinforced the beliefs and emotions that stirred them and made it even more difficult to get out of the cycle of negativity and despair. These are the times when life is really all you know.