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Bao Buns In A Rice Cooker

Bao buns have been a staple of Asian cuisine for centuries. This delicious delight can be cooked in the rice cooker's STEAM function. 

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Taiwanese Style Gua Bao Recipe by Archana's Kitchen 

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-If possible, place the dry ingredients in a bowl of a mixer with a dough hook attached.

-Combine the liquid ingredients in a measuring cup. Slowly pour the liquid ingredients into the mixer and knead on a low speed for approximately 2 minutes, until the flour is fully incorporated with the water.

-Mix the dough until it is smooth and tacky.

-After the dough is well kneaded and drained, dust the bowl with 2 tablespoons of flour.

-Form the dough into a ball, and then coat it with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil. Place the dough in a bowl.

-For 1-1.5 hours, cover with a damp cloth.

-After the dough has doubled in volume, you can shape it into any shape before steaming.

-Place the buns in your steaming basket and fill your rice cooker bowl with WHITE RICE Level 2.

-Close the lid and hit 'STEAM'. Depending on the size and shape of the buns, steaming will take between 10 to 15 minutes. The shorter the buns are, the longer the steaming time.

TIP- You have many options for fillings: crispy chicken or duck, barbecue tofu/seitan, tempeh or tempeh, pan-fried vegetables and chives, braised porc belly …. the choice is yours.