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Effect of Multiculturalism in a Preschool In Hornsby

It is critical that early childhood education offers an environment in which all cultures are recognized and accepted, which allows multiculturalism to be seen as a positive and engaging approach to a childs development and excitement for learning.

Hornsby is a thriving melting pot of cultures, with more immigrant and refugee children attending preschool each year. It is important that staff at these services learn new religions, languages and customs to ensure a smooth transition at the centre.

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Teachers need to work with children and families from different cultures, whether or not they agree with their personal beliefs. Therefore, for a better understanding of a child, it is important that their family and culture are also understood. This can be achieved by building meaningful relationships with children's educators, where teachers can get a better picture of the lives of the children they teach.

There are many other ways the center can incorporate family culture into the learning environment, such as:

  • Create a family tree with a photo of each family in the middle
  • Make a map of the world/globe with the children and enter surnames or photos in the countries of different families
  • Sing songs and play music from different countries
  • Tinker flag with kids
  • Encourage parents to come and prepare a variety of ethnically centred foods
  • Hold a cultural day once a semester by asking all the children to come in their own traditional clothes
  • Learn new greetings every week