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Pros Of Floor Joists

When we talk about the floor joist system, there are various options available in the market. It can be confusing when you see a number of designs. They all have their own advantages.

How can you know which system is best for you? We have found that the high quality, affordable & eco-friendly floor joists system offers the best value to our customers.

Here are the advantages of floor joist system:

Span increase

Floor beams allow for longer ranges compared to other types of joist. The ability to use the beam again has a direct impact on the duration of the project, the cost of labor and overall ROI.

The light weight

In addition to being strong and robust, the system is a light beam flooring solution. By combining small wooden parts with metal web beams of light is much lighter than their wooden equivalent. Light beams benefits including ease of installation and reduces transportation costs.

Quick and easy installation

Metal web system combines a large bearing surface, which has a number of advantages. Floor beams can be set-out faster and, once installed, rigid and stable. When it comes to fixing the decking material, a wider surface also makes the process faster and more accurate.

  • Better access to services installations
  • Cost-effective for better ROI
  • The design of the lightweight but strong material
  • An overall reduction in the time to build
  • Greater long-term stability
  • Improved sound performance