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A Guide To Cleansing Oily Skin

Finding the right kind of skin care treatment products for an all-round healthy complexion can be a real challenge, no matter what your skin type is. Because everyone is so different, everybody has a different need in their face and body care regimen. 

For those of us with oily skin, finding an anti-aging treatment product or even an acne treatment product means finding common traits and ingredients that are best for an oily skin type.

Use Facial Cleansers that are Gentle on Your Skin

The common misconception about facial cleansers is that they should be used frequently and should be harsh enough to dry out your face – when in fact harsh face cleansers are worse for your complexion! That is why gentle skin cleansers are the best option to use.

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Skin that is dried out has to produce more oil in order to compensate for the dryness, leading to breakouts and a dull complexion. Skin cleansers should gently remove sebaceous as well as kill bacteria on the surface.

Face and Body Products Should be Oil-Free

Because people with oily skin already produce enough sebaceous (oil), they of course want to choose face and body products that are free from oil themselves. Products like treatments, cleansers, and especially moisturisers should all be oil-free products. 

There is enough sebaceous already being produced by your skin without loading it with more oily products. Especially if you're prone to acne breakouts or hormonal acne, any extra oil on your face could clog pores and result in blemishes and breakouts.