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How Olive Oil is Used For Improving Health and Beauty?

Olive oil is a magical ingredient in the kitchen. Though it does not have medicinal qualities that are present in essential oils, still it is a very good choice for maintaining good health and avoiding various diseases.

This oil spreads easily does not promote cholesterol build-up in the arteries and has a very strong role in improving bodily health.

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Olive oil for Face

It forms an important part of a beauty regime. It is a multi-purpose solution that can substitute several cosmetic applications that are meant for enhancing the beauty of the face. Listed here are some of the applications of olive oil that you can consider for making facial skin better:

As a face mask:

When you prepare a face mask for restoring the beauty of skin, you can use olive oil as an important ingredient. Since this oil spreads fast and gels better with other materials, it does not give a sticky feeling. Olive oil can be combined with the lemon juice and a tsp of sugar to make an effective face mask. Apply this combination in the darker patches more and leave it for some time. Finally, wash it off. Its regular use imparts a natural glow to the skin.

As a make-up remover:

When you want to take the make-up of olive oil offers a safe solution. This oil when combined with moisturizer is applied on the eye make-up and face. With the help of soft cotton, this combination is applied on eye make-up and all over the face, and finally, scraped off with the damp cotton ball. Some may use astringent lotion and olive oil to exfoliate the skin and make it uniform overall.