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The Anal Fissures Cause

Anal fissures are among the most frequent issues that plague individuals from all over the globe. They are found in the specific areas of the anus as well as the anal canal. There are a variety of sensory nerves in the anal area and consequently, when there is a tear in the anal region, it is more likely to cause pain. 

It is possible that they can result in itching, pain, and bleeding in the area of the anal. Anal fissures are often observed in adults of both genders as well as infants. They can occur as soon as they come into existence after birth. They can be found within the front or posterior part of the anal canal.

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There are many reasons that could cause anal fissures within the body. The most frequent cause of anal fissures can be trauma. They could begin to develop bowel movements that result in intense discomfort. It could happen due to constipation or diarrhea which could aggravate the symptoms. 

If the fissures are located in any other region than the posterior or anterior side, they should be considered to be due to other causes such as cancer, Crohn's disease, syphilis, and chancroid in HIV. 

There are numerous sensory nerves involved in anal fissures, they could hinder the healing process. They could reduce the supply of blood into the anal area which can cause various complications. 

Anal fissures have been classified as an autoimmune disorder after extensive study by scientists from all over the globe. 

Anal fissures treatment is typically based on the root cause. They can last from several weeks or one or two months based on the nature of the condition.