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The True Benefits of Decomposable Bags

With times-old concerns concerning the impact of our actions on our environment, mankind seems to have found a solution to at least one of its most troublesome commodity: the shopping bags. The decomposable bags introduced to the market, as it were, ostensibly, have more or less done away with the environmental hazards the plastic (or paper) were known to be causing.

The plastic bags were long being painted as the creation of the devil. These posed countless many threats, especially after their use. It does not break down easily, therefore, really a disaster for marine life to as many people picnicking by the river or coastal water throwing bags at the moment. Not only can this sometimes suffocate sea creatures, but also, if ingested, can cause the death of the creatures, too.

These pose serious concerns like that of sanitation when thrown in drain. The level of carbon dioxide released by these bags also poses a problem, thereby, endangering the Ozone. Ordinary plastic bags, as claimed often, are not practically easier to recycle because they usually get mixed up with some other organic waste, which, makes recycling of these bags too expensive to process given the fact that the sanitary aspects become involved.

Even prime-quality compost humus is spoiled if a small amount of conventional plastic is commingled with the organic material (resulting in the contamination of the entire branch). Besides, if accidentally swallowed, the plastic bags may require a surgical operation for their removal from the body.