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Toxic Baby Food Warning

The food we feed our children should be pure and safe, but recent research has revealed that many popular baby food items contain dangerous concentrations of toxic heavy metals like arsenic and cadmium as well as mercury and lead. These poisonous substances have been discovered to cause severe and irreparable damage to the brain of children and their neurodevelopment. Parents across the country are shocked to learn that the food they gave their children such as those offered by numerous well-known baby food brands might have contained harmful levels of heavy metals that are toxic. 

The worst part is that evidence indicates that regulators and manufacturers knew about the issue but did not take action. Parents and relatives of children who have suffered cognitive or neurological problems after having eaten toxic baby food could be eligible for compensation by making a toxic baby food lawsuit at Learn more about toxic food for babies.

toxic baby food lawsuit

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Parents across the United States are shocked to discover recently that many of the most popular commercial infant foods are contaminated with harmful concentrations of heavy metals that are known to cause permanent and serious harm to babies. Products like strained carrots, rice cereal such as applesauce, teething crackers, and rice cereal contain harmful heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, and mercury, and lead, often at very high levels. This causes irreparable damage to the brain and neurotoxicants harm brain cells in the central nervous system.

The manufacturers of toxic baby food face a host of questions regarding why these harmful products haven't been slowed down. Parents of infants who suffered neurological or developmental issues after eating commercial infant food are now filing lawsuits against the makers of these dangerous products.