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Wet and Wild Theme Park on the Gold Coast

A park that has attracted more than one million visitors a year requires destinations that offer a greater purpose than being pleasant.

Gold Coast Wet 'n' Wild Water World, which is located in Oxenford, Queensland, Australia has been operating for 26 years since 2010.

It has gained fame as the 8th most visited park in the world. Moreover, being the most visited place in Australia. After 26 years of operation, the leading water park has produced 4 pools, 15 water slides, and a children's area. If you are looking for best theme park for toddlers in Gold Coast then you are at right place.

Travelers will enjoy the Wet and Wild Park theme park on the Gold Coast because it gratifies the visitor diverse personalities.

For those who yearn to feed their adrenaline rush craze will find their place in the Extreme H2O Zone. The water adventure zone offers extreme through an extreme slide. water slide park in the form of a funnel slide, the tube is open and closed.

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Tornado is a favorite of most of the guests because it gives them a feeling caught in the middle of a tornado.

The trip is done in the funnel of 15 meters platform that then drops into the crazy storm feeling of 14 meters tube.

The scariest experience the feeling of being in a black hole of space. Blackhole slide creates the illusion is lost in the black hole through the black tube closed.

The riders are exposed to be an experience of a giant black hole through a long tube twisting and twirling. If there is tube skating, there are also pipe rafting.

Kamikaze ride blows two riders sit on a raft as 70 degrees "U" shaped pipes launches the raft up and down. Besides Kamikaze, is the fastest and longest slide called Mach 5.