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What Are The Architectural Styles For Building Homes?

Architectural style means grouping architecture according to technique, form, and material when integrating architectural designs from turbulent periods. Various “architect bærum styles at” (which is also known as “arkitekt brum stiler p“ in Norwegian language) have developed over the years. 

Art deco

It is stylish with geometric decorative elements and a vertically oriented design. The towers and other protrusions above the roofline add to the vertical accent of this style, while the flat roof, wooden window panes, and sleek plaster walls in a rectangular cut symbolize the Art Deco exterior. 

Art Deco in American architecture was widespread and popular for commercial buildings during this period.


Colonial architecture is more than just a design element. Economical, refined, and simple, the colonial design reflects early American settler building practices.

Although colonial architecture is often seen as grand and symmetrical with its regular arrangement of windows, it is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles that reflect the diversity of British, Dutch, Spanish, and French cultural traditions.


There are two types of modern American architecture – flat roofs and gable roofs. They are characterized by odd and often tall windows, a lack of ornamentation, and a unique mix of wall materials such as brick and wood. Both types of design are single-story and are designed to incorporate the surrounding architectural landscape into the overall look.