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What Is 3D Interior Design?

3D Interior Design is the process of planning and designing the inner space of any brick and mortar structure and visualizing the final image of it in a three-dimensional form, i.e. with width, height, and depth. You can easily get the best interior design services from the best interior design company in Malaysia.

In non-technical terms, the 3D interior design gives a realistic view of the space from various angles with a clear picture of all the details like – What elements (such as structural components, furniture, appliances, etc.) space will hold, how they will be (in terms of colors, textures, etc.) and where they will be (position and angle) – all before the construction of the space is even started.

What are the benefits of 3D Interior Design?

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Simple visualization:

With 3D interior design, you can easily take a virtual tour of your space and get a complete impression and realistic visualization of the final drawings even before the actual work begins. This includes details of all structural and design elements from floor to ceiling which will take effect once the project is revealed.

Design Flexibility:

Would you like to try different color combinations for your curtains? Or do you want to see what your long sofa will look like in your living room? Or do you just want to add a door or window to your kitchen? – Everything can be achieved virtually with 3D interior design.

Simple changes:

3D interior design provides a collaborative platform where you and your interior designer can work together to create elements (in a virtual environment) or elements that are in a rough draft or first version of a plan.

Yes, with 3D interior design you have endless options to customize and improve the design to make it fairer or more accurate as you imagine.